How do Facebook ads work? By Aronix Creative Point

you might be wondering do Facebook ads work and I’m here to tell you yes they do Facebook ads can turn social media users into your customers because they can reach the right people I’ll explain how this happens if you use Facebook before I’m sure you’ve seen an ad that seems like it was made just for you maybe you like a lot of pages about music or shopping or sports and then you see an ad from a business focused on one of those topics when you or anyone on Facebook creates your profile and engages with the platform you give Facebook valuable data about yourself

that marketers can then tap into to create really really targeted ad campaigns imagine what you can do with your business’s Facebook ads so many possibilities in this video I’ll tell you all about how Facebook Ads work the different type of Facebook ads and more keep watching why should you advertise on Facebook ok I don’t want to say everybody’s doing it so I won’t but a lot of businesses use Facebook that number is actually over 140 million businesses I guess another question is do Facebook ads really work I’ll stick with my yes from earlier but it also depends on your industry your goals and on average Facebook ads do convert at a rate of 9 to 10 percent you can try out our super awesome and free conversion rate calculator on our website but back to the main question our Facebook Ads worth your money still yes Facebook is a big player when it comes to helping consumers decide what to buy one survey says consumers are actually over 50% as likely to buy from a company they follow on Facebook over a bunch of other social media platforms so if you want Facebook users to become customers you should definitely consider advertising on the platform now you know how effective Facebook ads can be but how exactly does Facebook help you reach your target audience how do Facebook ads work you can get pretty specific with your ad targeting on Facebook this is one of the big advantages of advertising on Facebook compared to other platforms as I mentioned at the beginning of this video there’s a lot of audience data to you if you advertise on Facebook you can target people based on things like their demographics location interests or even interactions with your business’s website something really cool with Facebook Ads is that you can create a custom audience based on a lot of different factors like people’s industries relationships life events and more so if you sure life of that saying you just had a baby and then you start seeing ads for baby clothes you know why in addition you can upload a list of customers who gave you their information on or offline to get even more specific Facebook also has a piece of code that you put on your website called the Facebook pixel that can help you target people who interact with your site and your ads and I’ve only just scratched the surface check out our Facebook Ads manager blog post to learn more about setting up your ads now I’ll talk about some of the different types of Facebook ads you can use I’ll also show you some Facebook ad examples so you know what your ads can look like photo ads these ads can look like a typical Facebook post and actually if you make a regular post with an image and a status you can choose to turn that into your ad video ads you have some different options when creating facebook video ads for your business these ads can appear within a video someone’s watching and someone’s feed or even as a story carousel adds a carousel add lets a users scroll through up to 10 photos or videos from your company and click through to see if they’re interested in what they see slideshow adds like a slideshow this ad format lets you stitch together different photos or videos to get your message across and direct people to whatever landing page you may have if you want to play around and see which ad types you like and which you don’t you can pop into Facebook’s creative hub and make some mock-ups there you’ll have the option to design a bunch of different ads and whatever format you want to try while creating the ad might be fun you also have to consider how you’re going to get those ads to the people who will engage with it and ultimately help you meet your business goals don’t go anywhere there’s even more to how Facebook Ads work next up is the cost of Facebook ads the great thing about paying for Facebook ads is that you can set your budget so you’re not forced to spend ten times what you originally planned Facebook adds up here because of an auction relevance ad quality and your bed are all important to Facebook when determining which ad should appear cost can vary depending on factors like your industry the time of year your ad objectives and other things but what you decide to spend is really up to you so for example if your goal is to get a purchase on your site from your ad rather than just some brand awareness it’s likely you’ll be paying more because of the value of your goal when you create your ads you also choose a bid strategy this depends on your goals and your budget you can check out Facebook’s entire bid strategy chart on their site but I’ll go over a few options here lowest cost with lowest cost of bidding Facebook makes the bids for you based on what they see as the lowest cost opportunities for your ads bid cap you choose your bid cap meaning you set a limit for the max bid target cost if you choose target cost bidding you try to keep your bids at the same cost each bidding strategy has its pros and cons so you have to decide what works best for your business check out our guide on Facebook advertising to learn more about the varying cost of Facebook ads and that’s it for today’s lesson I hope you have a better understanding of how Facebook Ads work now if you want to start advertising on Facebook don’t hesitate to reach out to us at eight eight eight six zero one five three five nine and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more digital marketing videos like this one we’ll see you soon

Facebook Boosted Posts vs. Ads: The Difference By Aronix Creative Point

what is the difference between Facebook posts and Facebook ads we’re gonna cover that in this blog and I’m gonna answer it for you my name is amit kumar I’m also known as the consultant chief marketing officer aronix creative point I help businesses with their digital marketing advertising and branding and let’s go ahead and get right into it so Facebook actually has a help post on their website about the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads and you can look at this yourself I just threw a quick Google search but there is a major difference I’ll just be straight forward right now where boosted posts are not the answer ninety-nine percent of the time if you look at Ion on Google you just type it in a lot of people say do not do boosted posts and there’s a reason it’s way more limited it’s restricted it’s just not as efficient or effective at all and it’s just the wrong thing to do when it comes to Facebook you know advertising or you know paid media and everything like that now what is a boosted post it’s basically taking a post that you have on your Facebook page on your timeline and paying money for more people to see it now that sounds a lot like an ad but the major difference is when actually go into here when you’re on your Facebook page you’ll see you know just random post I have you can click boost post and most people think this is the easy way to go about it and it is but it’s not effective so it basically gives you send people to your website that’s fine it shows you what the ad would look like let’s you put a button there that’s you know everything’s fine and then audience targeting it’s okay let’s you know gender and age and location a little bit of detailed targeting to which is good that’s not super different from the actual traditional Facebook ads manager but what is different is when it comes to automatic placements and everything when it shows facebook Messenger and Instagram those three each have like five minimum like placements under all those and what I’m talking about is when you actually go into the ads manager placements are where your ad shows so there’s a basically you know it shows the three Facebook Messenger and Instagram now you can see under each of those platforms there’s a bunch of different placements you can have and a lot of them are inefficient and you just don’t want to advertise there because they’re not really that effective and pretty much includes all of these so Facebook stories they’re okay but audience Network you probably want to say stay away from that and messenger so Facebook feeds and Instagram feed and stories are pretty much most of the you know where most people advertise it’s the best place to do it but when you’re doing boosted post doesn’t give you that option and then also you can set your budget and set the duration if you think that and then your payment details but as you can see it’s just very limited compared to the actual Facebook Ads manager and when you actually go in here you can set everything you can actually set the full-on objective you can set you know the detailed targeting also when it says location and boosted posts you can see it doesn’t say it doesn’t say people living in this location or anything like that so the location targeting is extremely bad with boosted posts – because this is something that people miss out on a lot if you’re trying to target people who live in that location you have to do that because there could be people that are just there for traveling and they’re not they don’t have a lot of buyers intent or anything like that so if you’re trying to do a  local Facebook ad you always got to do people who live in that location Facebook’s really good about tracking that type of data – and then the detailed targeting you can see back here it talks about what more can I do with Facebook Ads have the different ad placements and use specific objectives and then maintain creative control you can actually custom create an ad with custom video and picture headline poet you know text and everything like that and some could say that you could just create a Facebook post around that and then run it as an ad but if you don’t want that post on your page you know you shouldn’t have you shouldn’t have to be required to put something on your public on your Facebook page that you you don’t want to just to run an ad for it and then advanced targeting so it is true that you can get more advanced with the actual demographics behaviours and interests when it comes to targeting with actual Facebook ads or than boosted posts and then it does explain like when to use Facebook ads versus boosted posts but I would say 99% of the time you’re not going to want to use boosted posts at all because they’re just not good and when you’re actually building out a Facebook campaign here you can just see it’s a lot more in-depth and it’s a lot more options you can choose exactly what try to you know you can optimize your ads better you have more like it said creative control and everything and that’s the major difference but let’s just kind of go through here again when you’re boosting a post you’ll see that they’re not all right are you sorry they are still can sitted adds and they look almost this pretty much the same it still says sponsored everything looks the same so if you’re going through your facebook feed

you can’t really tell if someone is boosting a post or is if it’s a Facebook ad unless you go to their profile and try and find that specific post so they look the same but Facebook ads like I said are a lot more in-depth you can actually optimize them for you know maximum efficiency and then there’s just a lot more advanced less restricted less limited and everything like that and that’s pretty much the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads and you can look at this article yourself but I do get some people some clients and things like that that say you know I’ve been boosting posts on my page for a couple years now and it just you know gets a little bit of results but it’s it’s not really clients it’s just people liking and commenting and sharing anything like that and it’s not hasn’t been a lot of actual tangible you know results or ROI out of it and I’m like the reason why that’s happening is because you’re using boosted posts not Facebook ads and the the major difference is Facebook Ads like I said you go in the ads manager and you custom make everything and that’s what a digital marketing agency does is it optimizes that with the copywriting the ad creative the targeting audiences and everything like that so that is the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads

if you think that this video was helpful and you benefited from it go ahead and like the video and subscribe and click the notification bell to get updated with every video that I do and then leave a comment down below again if this video was helpful or any feedback that you have and we can have a discussion in the comments and then check all the links in the description as well there’s a lot of great resources down there and you can follow me on social media where I post more content as well and other than that I hope this video brought a lot of value thank you for watching I appreciate it and until next time

Are Facebook Ads Worth it? (And Do They Work?) By Aronix Creative Point

when it comes to marketing your business online there are no shortage of options available you can do PPC SEO SEM SMM CRO or go whole hog and do them all and to add to the noise and confusion for every option there’s at least a dozen pros and a dozen cons muddying up the water and making a clear decision seem like an impossibility so it’s no surprise then that one of the most amazing advertising tools available today is still underappreciated and underutilized and that tool would be Facebook Ads which is why on today’s episode we’re answering the question once and for all our Facebook Ads worth it hello and welcome my name is Amit kumar and you’re watching the aronix creative point show where we take different marketing tactics tools tips and strategies and break them down into bite-sized actionable clips that you can use to immediately take your business to the next level as great as Facebook ads are I completely understand the confusion and so despite my strong position and almost unnatural love of Facebook ads when I hear the question are Facebook ads worth it my initial response isn’t shock but rather empathy and understanding because for every success story of a thousand percent ROI there’s at least a million others citing poor results and lost money so to truly answer the question our Facebook has worth it we need to take a look at two other very important questions one to Facebook has work and two well Facebook has work for your business so do Facebook ads work yes Facebook ads do work and they work incredibly well but like most things the Devils in the details and for something to work it needs to be done right which means not just simply slapping up an ad press and go and waiting for the dollars to start rolling in rather it means carefully analysing your target market creating a unique and compelling offer presenting it in a way that captures attention piques interest and inspires action and doing this all in a fraction of a second as someone’s quickly scrolling through their newsfeed creating high converting and return on investment delivering Facebook Ads is part art part science but 100% marketing strategy and at the end of the day when done right Facebook ads work incredibly well and allow you to reach more people than TV radio and newspapers for a tiny fraction of the cost and to Facebook’s billions of dollars in ad revenue shows us anything it’s that people are plenty willing to spend money on Facebook ads indicating at least to a certain extent and that they are delivering a valuable service the people want and are willing to pay for some of my clients regularly spend upwards of a hundred grand a month and get consistent and consistently high ROI Facebook ads didn’t work they go broke pretty quick so well Facebook ads work for your business at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in a business to business market or a business to consumer market because who you’re really trying to do business with isn’t a company but rather another person and people use Facebook for this reason with very very few exceptions perhaps limited to government contracts or markets with only a few key buyers Facebook Ads will work for your business no matter what business you’re in if you have a product or service that people want Facebook ads will help get your message in front of more of them plain and simple the only way Facebook ads won’t work for your business if you’re in a business selling something that nobody wants so should you use Facebook ads in your business this is perhaps the most important question of all because if Facebook has worked and again when used correctly they work for 99 percent of businesses then the real key is figuring out how to use them in your business for maximum impact Facebook ads in and of themselves aren’t overly technical or complicated but just like with any marketing tool available today the key to success should always be strategy first tactic second so start with a simple targeted and well-thought-out offer and go from there Facebook ads are a learning experience in and of themselves but the results and potential rewards are well worth the initial effort so thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe to the channel give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions comments or suggestions for a future video be sure to leave them in the comment section below like more content like this then head over to Adam at her comm and sign up for the modern marketing newsletter because this is where I share my best tips tactics head strategies that don’t share anywhere else take care for now I’ll catch you next time on the modern marketing show

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